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Debt Collection Scam Alert

Beware of debt collection scams!

Getting a call or an e-mail claiming you have defaulted on a loan? It might be a scam.
How often have you received a call or an e-mail demanding debt repayment within 48 hours, talking about suing you on your defaulted loan and asking for your banking details? What could it be? It could be a scam. As your loyal online lender, we help you avoid falling prey to these online scammers.

Know what to do when you are suspicious about the call or e-mail:

Suspicious Phone Call?
Whenever you pick up a suspicious call do not worry. Just take the caller's name, address and company name. If the caller menaces to sue for the defaulted loan which you did not own up, demand official certification avowing the liability.

If the caller asks for any of your personal information relating to your bank account, credit card or your SSN, please do not entertain providing your credentials.

If you encounter any such phishing scam, do immediately contact our customer care service at

Debt Collection Scams
Suspicious e-mail in your inbox?
Another wave of scam comes by e-mail. Most of you might have noticed an e-mail in your inbox talking about legal prosecution if you refuse to pay off a debt of which you are completely clueless.

Consider following the below mentioned to avoid being a phishing victim.
  • Do not provide any of your banking details, SSN or any other personal details over phone or e-mail.
  • Do not respond to scam e-mails promptly by giving away your personal details or filling out the personal information form.
  • Ensure that your spam guard is on. If not, update your browser for spam check.
  • Check out your bank account statements for any unauthorized transaction. Any little indication can save you from the debt collection scam.

CLICK HERE to see examples of debt collection scam emails.