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Innovative Ideas to Deliver Value through Payday Loans

With almost 2 decades of experience, EZPaydayCash has implemented a number of innovative ideas - some of these have even become an expectation for borrowers today. Nonetheless, the pride of pioneering what is now industry-standard is one of the things that keeps our team motivated and constantly working towards betterment.

Some of our initiatives that have provided much value to our customers include:

Initiatives Benefit to Customers
Fully online application system Available 24x7, accessible from anywhere, easy to use, time-saving
Guaranteed loan approval with no credit checks subject to verification of eligibility Reliability, confidence in our services, acceptance of borrowers with previous loan rejections
Income-based loan approval Enhanced loan safety, loans made available to bad credit borrowers
No hard credit checking Loans made available to bad credit borrowers, faster loan approvals, no impact on existing credit performance upon loan application
No Teletracking Acceptance of borrowers with previous loan rejections, loans made available to bad credit borrowers, enhanced privacy
No bank verifications unless required Enhanced privacy, faster loan approvals
Simplified loan offer linguistics Enhanced transparency, better understanding, enhanced loan safety
Direct deposit upon loan offer acceptance Faster loan disbursals, faster deposits

Core Values

Our core company values drive our team to provide the reliable and customer-friendly services that we are proud to be known for. At EZPaydayCash, we strive to maintain these core values at all times:

Integrity: Through transparency, clarity in communication and adequate disclosures

Enhanced Availability: Through making services available 24x7 from any location and through acceptance of limitations such as bad credit history, previously rejected borrowers and high-risk borrowers

Sustainability: Through the reduction of waste, higher digitization and elimination of material duplication

Reliability: Through the provision of legitimate guarantees subject to eligibility, higher rate of approvals of loans and independent assessments where possible

payday loans direct lender only

Our Mission

To be a reliable online direct lender of loans that are accessible to people in need and are quick enough to suffice for most borrowers' needs, while maintaining a relatively fair margin of safety within loan decisions.

Our Vision

At EZPaydayCash, we seek to maintain our reputation as a reliable lender in the highly dynamic market of payday and installment loans as a direct lender that accepts loan requests from a vast set of borrowers while being able to achieve our target of no denial of loans to all eligible borrowers.

We aim to continuously enhance our loan lending process always to provide quick and hassle-free experiences to our customers.

At the same time, we understand that high-risk loans, such as the ones we provide, tend to be expensive as costs associated with higher risks are on the higher side. Further, borrowers of such loans typically tend to borrow only during emergencies and hence often require quick service. Through the elimination of third-party brokerage charges and most third-party delays, we continue to work towards eliminating many avoidable costs as well as delays to be able to provide enhanced value to our borrowers.

We also work towards ensuring borrower privacy through the elimination of various verifications unless deemed absolutely necessary for a loan decision. However, payday loans online comes with no credit checks, all basic verifications required for ensuring an acceptable margin of safety in loan transactions are always carried out diligently.

What We Offer

Payday Loans Online - No Credit Check, Instant Approval, No Faxing, Direct Lender Loans

Our most selling product is the online payday loan with no hard credit checks. It comes with beneficial features that serve value to borrowers:

  • Instant cash advance online with no credit check and almost immediate approvals for all borrowers verified for eligibility
  • No faxing, no paperwork, no delays and a fully online process
  • Direct lending with no third-party brokerage and delays

Payday Loans With No Bank Verification Unless Necessary

Our payday loans approval process runs no bank verifications until there is an absolute need for it, in order to assess the loan eligibility. With this come the benefits of:

  • Enhanced transaction privacy
  • Quicker loan approvals
  • Reduced third-party involvement

Payday Loans for Bad Credit with Direct Deposits

Direct deposit easy payday loans are quick and simple in the way that they work, and hence bad credit borrowers find value in them. Typically, bad credit borrowers tend to borrow only during times of urgent need, as most loans that are available for people with poor credit performances tend to be expensive and have a short tenure. Here are 3 key benefits of our direct deposit payday loans for bad credit:

  • Quick funding with no delays post loan offer acceptance
  • Access of loaned funds from virtually any location
  • ACH transactions for both deposits and repayments
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Consumer Notice: A payday advance is a small, short-term loan intended to cover a borrower's expenses until the next payday. Payday advances are intended for short-term financial relief and do not constitute long-term financial solutions. Consumers facing debt and credit difficulties should seek out debt and credit advisory assistance. Consumers are encouraged to learn more about the risks involved with payday advances, local laws and regulations that may apply to payday advances, possible loan alternatives and recent developments in their state.

Legal Disclaimer: is a legitimate direct lender authorized to lend money to genuine borrowers where the interest rate, term and maximum amount that can be borrowed are solely decided by the company. Without authentic and verifiable information in the application, funding by no means is guaranteed. Upon requirement, the prospective borrower is expected to provide additional document/information- failing which would result in rejection of the loan application. While reviewing loan applications, we typically do not perform credit checks with the three major credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). However, soft credit checks or consumer reports through alternative providers such as Teletrack or DP Bureau, which typically will not affect your credit score, may be obtained in certain circumstances. You will not be charged any fees to use's service. Learn more by reading our Rates & Fees section. To change your communication preferences for this website or to submit a comment or question you can contact us.

Availability: Residents of some states may not be eligible for a payday advance based upon lender requirements. does not guarantee that completing an inquiry form will result in being offered a loan product with satisfactory terms or rates. It is also worth noting that any loan request submitted on Friday after 6:00 PM EST will be processed on the next business day. For inquiries related to our services you may Email us at