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Can I Apply for More Than One Loan at a Time? ?>

Can I Apply for More Than One Loan at a Time?

More Than One Loan- Will It Be a Burden?

People’s requirements are different. What they can afford also depends on their income level, savings and credit scores, especially when it comes to loans. Sometimes because of need and sometimes because of convenience people take out more than one loan at a time. The concept of the second mortgage is quite common when it comes to home loans. Similarly, while being on a mortgage one can also go for a business loan or a personal loan. However, when it comes to a payday advance, the situation gets a little tricky.
People often ask “can I take out a second payday loan?”. The answer is yes, you can apply. However, that does not necessarily mean you’ll be approved. The approval would depend on the income level of the borrower, his credit score- apart from the state laws and the lender’s policy. Payday loans are typically the emergency cash loans for short terms. Even direct lenders ask people not to depend on these cash advances for a long term as the APR rate could be more than 400%. Therefore, unless you are quite sure to pay off both loans –if get approved first of all- it could be a financial burden to take out more than one loan at a time.

How Can You Avail More Than One Payday Loan at a Time?

In order to take out a payday loan when a previous debt has not been paid off, you have to make sure that your state allows it. Some states in America do not permit the debtor to have further debts unless the outstanding loan (payday) is paid. Then, you need to be sure that your income level is sufficient to make the payments on due. Then comes the credit part. For the first payday loan, lenders don’t really mind what your score is. However, for a second payday loan, you have to have a fair credit score- although it is the lender who takes the final call.
Lenders like EZPaydayCash do not mind you having a bad credit score if you have a stable income. Similarly, if you are a regular customer of ours, we will always help you in difficult times. We not only offer relaxed rates and fees but also give you an option to pay in installments. Forget how much (anything up to $1,000) and how often you need, when you need just apply!

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