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Do Payday Loans Show Up On Your Credit Report ?>

Do Payday Loans Show Up On Your Credit Report

What Happens to Your Credit Report After Borrowing a Payday Loan?

A credit report is a detailed information about a person’s borrowing and debt payment practices. Credit bureaus- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion prepare these to help the financing companies in figuring out if the loan applicant is worthy of trust- not only in terms of intention but ability. Credit reports are incredibly important when it comes to big-amount loans such as a mortgage. Unsecured small-amount loans such as payday loans are not granted on the basis of credit scores, so having a good or bad credit does not impact your chances of getting a cash advance. The question, however, is, does a payday loan show up on the credit report or impact the credit score negatively? Just to clear the case, just applying for any kind of loan does not impact the credit history. On the other hand, availing a payday loan might go on credit report only in certain circumstances.

When Exactly Payday Loans Show Up On Your Credit Report

If you borrowed a payday loan, it usually does not appear in the records of Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax- which are the primary credit bureaus. However, there are other special credit reporting agencies which may keep your borrowing history. Apart from that, if a debt collector has been assigned to collect the principal and fees from the borrower and send it to the lender, then the debt collector also has the data. First of all, having a mention of the payday loan in the credit report is not bad. It actually helps build a credit history which might come handy in future while taking bigger loans. The problem arises when the reporting includes nonpayment or defaulting of the loan. Then, and only then, it turns your credit score bad. It is the same with any other loan as well. Therefore, you should not care if a payday loan is recorded on your credit report or not. What you should care is timely payment of the debts.

To sum up, the only time payday loans show up negatively on your credit report is-
• When the borrower does not make payments on due/defaults.
• When special credit rating agency reports the default of the payday loan.
• When the debt collector has the data of non-payment of the loan.

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