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Why Do They Check Your Credit for Payday Loans? ?>

Why Do They Check Your Credit for Payday Loans?

Payday loans are small emergency cash loans that at the maximum give you around $500. Although some direct lenders like EZPaydayCash give you relatively higher amounts up to $1,000. These are unsecured loans, so most financing companies are very careful not to lend money with cash advances to potential loan defaulters. Potential loan defaulters are those who have a bad credit and their income level is low. In order to identify and decline people with bad or even poor credit scores –sometimes also people without a credit history- they perform a hard credit check for payday loans.

Some other times, maybe you also apply through third party loan matching services for an online payday loan. Their job is to verify your creditworthiness and find a suitable lender that wants to fund you. If your credit score is not good, they do not refer you to any lender because they do not want to create a negative impression of their own by not being able to find potentially sincere borrowers. That is why the third party lenders also check your credit rating when you apply for a cash loan.

Is There a Need for Credit Check for A Payday Loan?

As a trusted direct lender, we at EZPaydayCash ask ourselves “is it necessary to check credit for payday loans?”. And we realize that it is not. A payday advance is not a large scale funding like a mortgage or an auto loan. Apart from that, the present income status of the borrower is more important than his/her past behavior with credit.

Since we check your income level and give you a longer term (3 months) accompanied by installment payoff, it is way too easier for you to pay back without getting late. Make sure you have paystub or bank statements with you to prove your income stability (it can be low, no problem). Apply for an online cash advance loan now if you need urgent cash. There is no need for a credit check for a payday loan with us.

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